Hi Steve. Like Miffypops I wasn’t keen on 17a. ACID: A from the clue and the initials of the Criminal Investigation Thank you also to setter for today’s puzzle. key/board o0 e.g. EXTRAS: Those who fill out scenes in films or plays. Subjects Genre: newspaper ( sobekcm ) newspaper ( marcgt ) Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Charlotte -- Port Charlotte Coordinates: 26.966141 x -82.068026 Monday morning fun. Nice gesture said one of the men. Good day indeed. 4d    Nothing to share but words (7) Keeping to that wordplay, I am preferring something along the lines of “Stressing minion outside home.” But I am procrastinating and really must take my self bedwards. I like cake. That’s my excuse for really screwing up today’s crossword. I’ve missed the blog enormously through various circumstances but hope to be back more regularly from now on. Good fun and for some reason I found this quite straightforward. Thank you to Crypticsue and Jean-Luc for the tasty treats and a very special thank you to BD for organising the get together. Yes, but only my own! I thought you were calling BD an underling! Before anything else, do not start stressing out and feverishly training your brain with memory exercises and the like. Soon sorted out though. Where is Kath today? 2*/3*. ROVE: Our first full anagram of the day has only four letters which are OVER. Work with a grammar point like reported speech based on the passage. It distracts us from what is stressing us. Need I say more? (4,6) 22a    Fifty-one line up endlessly on right for a drink (7) N(orthern) and 4840 square yards or 0.405 hectares, 17a    Badly delivered over to knock about (4) ……..But why? I’D BOIL is the fodder. 9a clunky 15 I mentioned OB the river a few days ago – it had appeared in a Radio Times crossword – 7th longest in the world. Jérôme HENRIOT, Medecine traditionnelle Chinoise Champagne au mont d’or. Another word for make a point. I think Kath has done a great job since she joined, I am still determined to come to a ‘meet’ one day to see you all, …… you have all given me great times, company and enjoyment!!!!! I took ages to summon the courage to post a comment after I found the blog – it sounds as if you might beat me in the length between the two. She did her training at the RVI and General and approached the whole thing with her usual understanding and intelligence. I have never dated a Rugby player or attached anthropomorphic qualities to inanimate objects but I have got drunk at a summer ball. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves on Saturday, you make the rest of us feel quite left out in the cold, true in more ways than one as it’s perishing here on the East Coast. EVEN: On level terms. My brother Paul went to Kings College Cambridge aged 67 and as dead as dead can be. Yes, I thought it funny that MP should talk about having trouble with his ego and then casually mention forgetting the underling! This function: Still bright green with envy it sounds as though Saturday was splendid and I would loved to have been there. Good start with 29a then worked up as usual. I will be back as soon as I can, the new high speed broad band cables are being laid through the village at the moment, so there is hope!!!! . The answer is also a minor planet which lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter both of which are visible and spectacular in the night sky at the moment and almost perfectly diametrically opposed. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. Miffypops forgot about this subordinate eating in? I’m very surprised that the editor waved it through to be honest. What did you think? Many appreciative thanks to Rufus for a most enjoyable puzzle and to Miffypops for the very entertaining and clear review. I think the clue and the surface reading are fine without them. Did anyone else think that there should have been a second anagram indicator in 23 down to show that the letters of LEO were in a different order in SOUTH POLE? The stress pattern of a word is the way all the syllables are stressed in it. SECOND-RATE: A double definition. I did like 11, 19 and 27a and 14d. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries there were several notable revivals of Twelfth Night on both sides of the Atlantic. Nice to know now that we did get one or two right. Synonyms for denoting include denotative, indicative, signifying, significant, reflective, telltale, indicatory, denotive, expressed and implying. His partner drove him back to the clubhouse, and he was taken to Hospital and had over two hundred stitches! . ERSE: Lurking away (of) in the word Somerset is this old irish language. It is warts and all on Mondays I’m afraid. BEAU: Here we have a homophone or soundalike clue as indicated by the word “SAY”. Sorry to have missed Miffypops at the gathering as we arrived minutes after his departure. The second Split 3, 7 we have one of the many uses of a compass. 21a threw me for a long time , I could not believe the answer and yet what alternative was there ? Although I initially put in Helen for 19a, and had second hand for 7d, I managed to correct them in the end. Against that there are a couple of clues I greatly disliked – 8d and 21a to name names – as I have a natural aversion to the answer being displayed so obviously in the clue. UPSHOT: Anagram (devastated) of SOUTH POLE minus (is leaving) LEO, 25d    The language of Somerset (4) See more. 2. http://www.pdn.cam.ac.uk/doc/donateFAQ.shtml The Co-op funeral service took Paul’s body from the house and I often wonder if they took it to Cambridge or if Cambridge came and fetched it. I prepared for it and still…. 2*/3* from me. Straightforward, but fun, except for the clunkers already highlighted by just about everyone. [… or items added to the bottom of a bill. This one has an excellent surface read too. E-hugs. The human eye is very receptive to differences in "brightness within a text body". Many thanks to Rufus and to MP for his usual great review. Submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. ed/u/ca/tion In the classroom Great to have the pictures with labels so I can now put names to the ‘faces’ I did not have the pleasure the meet in person… Many thanks to Bid Dave for starting this blog which has given so many of us help and confidence! Hi, Jean-luc. "cros...rd" or "he?p"). Amongst the goodies – 3d & 10a but I’ll go with the majority and vote for 13d as favourite. Disliked both 21a & 8d, particularly the latter – both contained too much of the answer in the clue and I’m still not very happy with 19a (despite the BRB!). Again, really nice to meet so many of you on Saturday, many thanks. Nettietiketti Internet eli netti on monin tavoin omalaatuinen media. If you do not agree, you can click "Manage" below to review your options. So thanks to him and the setter. Is the St A. St Austell? I made no mention of pencils today but took one along on Saturday as a gift for you in case we met. Another word for strengthen. My alarm doesn’t go off til 6 in winter. I thought so to but forgot to do anything about it. Made things tricky for myself by writing SQUARED UP for 27A before realising it didn’t fit !!! One who is not “in” ( Google only refers to baseball here. 20 Catalpa is “A bean tree”, but it is specifically INDIAN bean tree Thank you. We went to a memorial service for the families of those who had donated their bodies. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 2*/4* with 20a,13d, and 29a as my favourites. Yes and no (8,2) Safer to leave this clue aloone. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. ***/***. The hints and tips below are here to help and guide you. It’s been done in dribs and drabs and whenever a few moments presented themselves. . Thanks all – I’m back – just a touch on the knackerd side but back and about to comment – have I made a pig’s ear of this one or what?! 10a & 13d recovered an asterisk. That’s a relief – I was getting rather worried about the underling that BD had to do for you. For the second time today. I have enough trouble with my ego was it is. I’ve done crosswords for ages and I still do both. Bottom left corner would have been considerably easier if I’d split 13d 4,6, and left 12d was it was meant to be rather than the other way round! In your hint for 12a you say “he can be found by putting a Scottish pronunciation of the word Man after a verb meaning to perform something alone”. His partners managed to it off with their clubs and by driving over it with one of their buggies. An enjoyable solve that all slotted together smoothly for us. Will anybody spot a third error? Ditto. It went quite smoothly today. By clicking "Accept", you agree to us doing so. anyone ! . Create a cognitive pairs or matching exercise. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/english-national-league-one/table. I thought 23a was fine as it was but I bow to the superior knowledge of those on here. Absolutely great to put such pleasant faces to the names. Crossword blog #183 | Gape at clue, pay attention, solve, rinse, repeat Satyajit Ray’s Feluda and Professor Shanku to share screen RBI becomes world’s first monetary authority with a … If your word has any anagrams, they'll be listed too along with a definition for the word if we have one. I’m so glad you did come – I very much enjoyed meeting you. I would be stressing out way too much if I had to do something like this EVERY. Don’t underestimate the dangers of golf…cold weather….hot weather and lunch breaks. I promised BD that I would ‘lurk’ no longer so here I am! I do so wish I had a BRB. Thanks to the setter and MP for the usual enjoyable review. Oh dear, and ! Thanks for visiting The Crossword Solver. Never mind.). Thanks :). Thank you Rufus. The online pronunciation is ‘sereez’ with a short ‘e’ as the second letter and that is the only way I have ever heard it said. Good fun – I was glad to see the explanation for 23d, I completely missed the anagram and was even more confused by the ‘Leo’ reference – thanks for that! 1, you were absolutely right. I weep. Overall devastation would seem to suffice. You all knew that didn’t you? I’m looking forward to going to one. Its all been said by previous bloggers today, but much more good than bad or ugly. 23d was the hardest for me, it was ages before the penny dropped. They will cheer me up after supper, I hope . Got reservations about 28a and 25d neither of which worked well for me. CLEMENTINE: The wife of Sir Winston Churchill is also a hybrid between a Mandarin and a sweet orange so named in 1902. Uncontrollably serves as the indicator and also the first word of the definition. I rarely touch the rating stars Salty Dog. The shortest clue is 8 Characters long There are 16 unique clues. Too many goodies to pick favourite so big thanks to setter and MP. And this blog is the icing on the cake when I do get completely stuck. Basic adverbs and descriptive words are reviewed in this crossword puzzle. I know you didn’t mention pencils today, but they were so upset they were not needed that they have taken to writing anagrams on my avatar. Good to hear from you. What I like is that the Telegraph cryptic it is as doable by ordinary mortals now as it was back then when I first started. I think you’ll find that the other ‘birder’ in the group is Sweet William. RUIN: This Bear minus its first letter (without capital) gives a noun meaning physical destruction. which would seem to confirm that they are homophones of each other. WEEK. Author: Mark Learmonth. I am very pleased that I managed to complete a Rufus puzzle for once. Thanks to Rufus and MP for the usual high standard review. I enjoyed meeting you briefly on Saturday MP.Thanks for holding my bag while I went into the “powder room” (a rather euphemistic answer to a clue last week some time). Emphasis definition, special stress laid upon, or importance attached to, anything: The president's statement gave emphasis to the budgetary crisis. Definitions are underlined. Some nice clues. Students usually need to see and hear 1 worst. . 8d was my last in and puzzled me for ages, untiI I realised that ‘silly’ referred to cricket, and the penny dropped. I found the Guardian crossword often impossible and far too clever for me. With only one and a half anagrams in the across clues it is about time for another. What a success. http://bigdave44.com/2015/01/28/now-we-are-six/#comment-229896, Pleased to hear it Stan. 21a    I shall and will show hostility (3-4) Hello Jane, Take out the key vocabulary to create a fill-in-the-blanks exercise. I didn’t forget the underling. Hmm, dunno. Thanks to Rufus and to MP. Was dull-brained in parsing 16a, not able to let go of a=area for a while. It’s all been a bit around here for a day or two. But I have to try at least a couple of crosswords or I will never know. I “knocked about” Coventry in my youth but I would not say I “roved”. just for the sheer cost and time- baking or just running to the store. It was so nice to meet you all. While that is indeed correct, in the clue construction the alone bit is actually an adjective. con/duct (as a verb) o0o e.g. Example The following are some stress patterns showing main stress and unstressed syllables: 0o e.g. We've listed any clues from our database that match your search. By the way, MP – the ‘bands’ put on birds are referred to as ‘rings’ and the folk who do the job are ‘ringers’. What a surprise – and pleasure – to see you on Saturday! Find out more here. You can write a book review and share your experiences. NACRE: Mother of pearl. When I was at uni I dated a Hartpury player, but that’s a very different story! Solved and reviewed silently In The Wee Small Hours. 25a would have worked better with in rather than of Somerset. Well done Mycall. I met three, no, four, of my heroes & had a splendid time meeting plenty of others. We discovered the photos before they had their labels and were having good fun trying to guess who was who. Great fun on Saturday and look forward to meeting more of you at the next. Greetings to all. I thought it delightful, especially 13d, which was my fave. And I did. . I couldn’t see 9a and 25d and was glad of the hints. never looked back. A group of medical students studied his corpse and gained invaluable knowledge of human anatomy. Despite what Miffypops says I’d be lost without my pencils . As Michael says, onwards and upwards Kath. He won’t catch you out in a silly position, http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/english-national-league-one/table, http://www.pdn.cam.ac.uk/doc/donateFAQ.shtml. Do you have any tips? Sorry, and we hope you continue to use The Crossword Solver. I was selfishly hogging a seat and failed to mingle and so missed out on the cake, which is unlike me – not the selfishness, the missing of the cake. This became evident when I once asked what a cormorant was. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. A curate’s egg of a puzzle for me. He can be found by putting a Scottish pronunciation of the word Man after a verb meaning to perform something alone. 12d hint should surely be an anagram of reinstated not restrained. 1. 8d despite all the checking letters and 26d as I had Straight On for 27a. Corporate is easy. farm building. As for Coventry. “Well I was married to her for 38 years” replied the cap doffer, No great problems today but good fun esp with 10a and 8d, both real ‘smile’ clues. (13d), I’d boil over with desire (3d), and the chapel (20d), which to me read a bit like an all-in-one clue, if you are allowed to extend “insets” to paintings (- hm, maybe not.) If you do not want to see the answer – do not click. I can’t make up my mind whether I really like or really don’t like 13d. but with Leo being a bit of a giveaway, the clue hasn’t become unfairly difficult. John 11-21 (Thru the Bible #39) J. Vernon McGee. I remember some years ago pitching up in Derby, nervous…. I really will have to try harder to be there for the next one. WOW - our confidence that we have the correct crossword answer for you if extremely high with and average crosswords dictionary star rating of FIVE. Thanks of course to Rufus for the puzzle, and to Miffypops for a review that was as enjoyable as I’ve come to expect. Save your compatriots life but if there’s another 16 holes we may as well play on. Really? ADDINGTON does not fit. OP, I do hope your manager will see the level ludacris this is in terms of frequency, and cost to the staff. It is American though. This clue does not float my boat. However on checking my BRB, it says “vt to wander over or through; vi to wander about; to ramble; to change about inconstantly; to troll with live bait”, so I think the answer is OK as a synonym for “knock about”. The synonyms have been arranged depending on the number of charachters so that they're easy to find. As MP says – a mix of good, bad and I would probably add to that – indifferent. It is the first time that I have completed the puzzle without having to look at the hints on this site.