000EEDF1 000EEC5F Sinderion. Rannveig's Fast is a Nordic ruin in the mountain range just south of Morthal, situated between Cold Rock Pass and Swindler's Den.It is the secret lair of Sild the Warlock, who is guarded by his ghost adventurer and subjugated ghosts.. I dont know if he levels up with me after i thrall him or not.Also i want to know if Illia is the same. if you can help me with this that would be great! There doesnt appear to be any slavery mods involving Sild the Warlock at Rannveigs Fast, which is somewhat odd to me because its the only time the Dragonborn falls into trap in vanilla Skyrim. 00014121 0001B122 Silda the Unseen. 0004B0AE 0004B47C Silvia. Circle of Vitality - Added a new tome for the spell, plus completed the missing parts. Stormcloak Cuirass (sleeved version) - An alternate version of the standard Stormcloak Cuirass that was never added to the game. The ruins have a large exterior area before the entrance, and one interior zone: Rannveig's Fast. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on the PlayStation 4, Dead Thrall FAQ by StuckInMyPants. Carried by Sild the Warlock 000240CC 000240CE Silus Vesuius. Sild's Staff - A unique item available on Sild the Warlock in Rannveig's Fast that summons subjugated ghosts. At the back of the main chamber is a conspicuous chest. I turned around after looting his room JUST in … When I go there again he is dead, but the quest icon still hovers over his head. Summons a Frost Atronach for 10 seconds wherever the caster is pointing. Sild The Warlock So when you escape the cage and slay him, apparently new bandits will fall down the trap door. When they attack, these ghosts all say "I'm sorry, this isn't what I want.". i learned that Sild the Warlock has a permanent corpse or whatever and so i want to use him as one of my thralls. Players who enter the ruins will find a Word Wall for the Kyne's Peace shout, but approaching the wall will trigger a trapdoor that drops them into a cage, and into the arms of Sild the Warlock. He can be encountered at Rannveig's Fast, where he traps overly curious adventurers for cruel experimentation and spiritual enslavement. Rannveig's Fast is a Nordic ruin located just south of Morthal.It is the hiding place of Sild the Warlock who has killed a number of people and subjugated their ghosts, using them as guards. Quest Glitch - Trouble in Skyrim - Warlock already dead » Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:29 pm --solved-- Thanks for your help guys I'm doing the Companion's Quest "Trouble in Skyrim" but I already cleared out Rannveig's Fast and Sild the Warlock is already dead. 6 Sild The Warlock Towards the end of the Rannveig's Fast dungeon, players will come across a Word of Power that has a suspiciously placed chest in front of it. 0005197F 000347C6 Sild the Warlock. Sild the Warlock, the man who would've held this magical stick, made it into the game just fine, even though his staff didn't.